Le Prisme

Building upgrade reduces energy consumption 40%

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Sustainable practices reduce tenants costs

An €11 million investment by GE Capital Real Estate in a suburban Paris office building has reduced its energy consumption by more than 40%.  The extensive refurbishment improves reliability and reduces the overall environmental footprint – features that are attractive to today’s tenants seeking sustainable office space.

The upgrades were made at Le Prisme, a seven-story 10,000 sqm office building, centrally located in suburban Paris along one of Boulogne’s most frequented roads.  They are an example of similar efforts at many GE properties to incorporate eco-friendly solutions that reduce energy costs for day-to-day building operations.

Le Prisme
Le Prisme 

At Le Prisme, the ambitious and complex upgrade included significant energy efficiency measures such as:

Incorporating sustainable practices like these allows us to remain competitive within key markets while benefiting our investors, shareholders and our tenants.